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The hourly clock [PDF] and insert availability allows for local customization that can give an on-air presence that is plausibly live and local.

JazzWorks can help grow your station's staff quality and productivity. You can add high-caliber on-air, production and programming staff that might otherwise not be available or affordable.

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“JazzWorks is carried by stations across the country at all hours of the day. With custom production, which is available at no cost to affiliates, your listeners will think that the JazzWorks hosts are in your studios...in your town.

Many stations also find JazzWorks the perfect option for HD2 programming and streaming.

New releases are continuously being added to our library allowing us, along with our thousands of classic recordings, to offer a service that satisfies traditionalists and those looking for what's new in the 21st century.

Every stations needs are different. JazzWorks will work with you to meet and satisfy your unique requirements.”

— Bob Studebaker, JazzWorks Operations Manager

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