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The hourly clock [PDF] and insert availability allows for local customization that can give an on-air presence that is plausibly live and local.

JazzWorks can help grow your station's staff quality and productivity. You can add high-caliber on-air, production and programming staff that might otherwise not be available or affordable.

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This link leads to an mp3 stream. If clicking does not automatically open the stream in your preferred music player, copy the URL and see your software's instructions for playing mp3 streams.

“JazzWorks is an excellent supplement to our regular programming here at WUCF-FM. We have the JazzWorks stream playing each evening from 7:00 PM until 6:00 AM. Most of our listeners think the hosts are coming from our studios here in Orlando. I regularly respond to listener questions that ask about the great songs they hear on JazzWorks. The music is consistently excellent, and the variety of classic cuts and new recordings is always fresh and swinging. During our regular end of the year holiday break we rely on JazzWorks for most of our 24-hour schedule, and our listener comments are always positive. We love JazzWorks and feel that it is more than a bargain for the dollars we pay for it.”

— Kayonne Riley, WUCF-FM

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